Food Assurance

Food Assurance

As debates around food and its production have developed the RSPCA has sought to keep the welfare of animals reared for food central to those discussions.

The RSPCA believes that the Welsh Government's food strategy should ensure that high quality is synonymous with higher welfare and we would like to see greater coordination between animal welfare policy developments and those surrounding food in Wales. As part of this process, we support clearer labelling of produce in Wales, and the introduction of labels associated with provenance provided there are clear, sufficient and enforced animal welfare standards underpinning any such label.

RSPCA Assured, formerly Freedom Food, is the RSPCA's farm assurance and food labelling scheme. This scheme has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 1994.. It is the only scheme dedicated to animal welfare and covers the producer, haulier and abattoir.

In a historic move, the Senedd became the first legislature in the UK to switch solely to RSPCA Assured eggs and salmon in 2010 which was supported by 81% of the staff, civil servants and Senedd Members working within the estate. In addition to expanding the Assured products on the Senedd menu we continue to urge public bodies and major corporations to lead the way in Wales in sourcing higher welfare products; and urge the Welsh Government and Local Authorities to consider higher welfare as part of their procurement processes.

The RSPCA also believes that a new system for farm support which incentivises farmers for delivering higher welfare produce - under the forthcoming Agriculture (Wales) Bill - will increase the availability