Supporting pets, their owners, and other animals 

Working together to support pet owners through the cost of living crisis and keep their loving pets at home

The economic challenges many people face are having a direct impact on the welfare of their pets and other animals. 

As families struggle to pay for their energy and food costs, they also have to make tragically tough decisions about their ability to look after and keep hold of their pets. 

Animal abandonments have increased by a quarter and reports of animal neglect have increased by 13%. 

Over 700 pets are waiting to come into RSPCA care, just as more are, sadly, abandoned. Rehoming is also slowing down – animals finding new homes has fallen by 8%. 

Our officers out on the ground are seeing more and more people struggle and are too often seeing struggling owners who cannot afford vet care or feed their pets. 

The RSPCA believes no animal should pay the price of the cost of living crisis. We want to keep as many pets and animals with their loving owners as possible. 

Our Cost of Living Hub offers pet owners advice and resources for pet food, health, insurance, and blogs and articles with more handy tips and tricks.

We are working in partnership with public-sector and not-for-profit organisations to provide advice, information and support for struggling pet owners. 

Our support includes establishing a grant scheme for smaller rescue centres to maximise capacity, a Pet Food Bank Partnership scheme to distribute pet food donations to food banks and a vet voucher scheme for those most in need. 

Local authorities and councillors can help us keep pets at home by:

  1. Sharing details of our cost of living support and signposting to our Pet Food Banks to support struggling pet owners.

  2. Promoting an ‘adopt don’t stop’ message among residents and asking them to consider participating in a foster scheme to maximise rescue capacity. 

  3. Considering animals in strategies to support residents during the crisis to keep pets with their loving owners.