Live Transport

Live Transport

Every year millions of animals including calves, sheep, dogs and horses are transported all over the EU.

Since the live trade in animals re-opened in Dover in 2014 many thousands of sheep and calves have suffered being shipped overseas through its port. We are monitoring the trade from Dover and have concerns about the boat being used.

The RSPCA believes that live transportation of animals must be kept to a minimum and that animals should be slaughtered close to the farms where they were reared. Long-distance transportation of livestock for slaughter should be replaced with a 'meat carcass-only' trade. However, where animals are transported higher welfare standards should be used and the animals looked after by competent and caring staff.

As the UK has left the EU, we believe there is an opportunity to look again at this trade and take action to improve standards and, perhaps, even introduce an end to the trade for good.

For further information on this issue please see our briefing below.