Their pain, our gain – stop exploiting animals for our entertainment

Working together to stop the exploitation of animals

It’s 2023, yet we’re still seeing the cruel and outdated practice of pets awarded as prizes. Many people still let off sky lanterns – causing harm and suffering to animals and damaging our farmed and natural land – and super-loud fireworks, which can cause pain and stress for animals and the vulnerable in our communities. 

It’s time to stop exploiting the pain and suffering of animals for our entertainment; it’s cruel and outdated. 

Pets as prizes
Many animals are still given away as prizes, mostly goldfish given away at fairs. While they make great pets, many don’t get that chance and die before their new owners get them home. 

Many think it’s a thing of the past, but sadly, that isn’t the case. While in Scotland it’s an offence, in England and Wales it’s only an offence to give pets as a prize to anyone under 16. 

We want to see pets as prizes outlawed, once and for all. 

Sky lanterns
Sky lanterns cause serious harm and animal suffering. Not only are sky lanterns dangerous to both wild and farmed animals, but they also pose a serious fire risk to our natural and farmed lands. 

We’re working together with the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and local authorities to ban the release of sky lanterns.

While a staple activity in many of our calendars, fireworks can cause significant injury, problems and fear to animals and vulnerable people. They might be fun to look at, but we mustn’t forget they’re also loud and unpredictable. 

Animals can have a sudden and adverse reaction to fireworks, causing harm, injury and suffering. The same is true for our vulnerable family, friends, and neighbours – particularly the veteran community. 

In Scotland, recent legislation introduced ‘firework control zones’ to protect certain parts of the community, but England and Wales are falling behind. We want similar legislation in Westminster, but we’re also working with local authorities and councillors to raise awareness and inspire our communities to consider others, including animals. 

31 councils in England and Wales have banned pets as prizes on public land, more than 200 have banned the release of sky lanterns, and over 70 are using our fireworks toolkit package to raise awareness of the impact of fireworks and provide information and support for pet owners. 

Local authorities and councillors can help us stop the exploitation of animals by:

  • Protecting animals and the environment by supporting our suggested motion to ban pets as prizes and the release of sky lanterns on council-owned land. 

  • Supporting animals and vulnerable people in the community by using our toolkit and supporting our suggested motion calling on the UK Government to introduce new legislation to limit their sales period, introduce ‘control zones’, a licensing regime and limits on the maximum noise levels.