Paw of Fame

Welcome to the Paw of Fame, an exclusive space crafted to honour exceptional individuals and organisations who have received PawPrints awards. Delve into the perspectives of past awardees, gaining valuable insights into the impact of this transformative scheme. These distinguished winners symbolise the epitome of dedication and innovation in animal welfare. Explore their stories, each a testament to the extraordinary commitment to protecting, promoting and enhancing animal welfare.

Special Recognition award 2023

Vicki Bannon (Animal Welfare Officer, Westminster City Council)

Vicki Bannon, a true beacon of compassion and change, triumphantly claimed the prestigious RSPCA Special Recognition Award in 2023. Her tireless efforts to elevate animal welfare in and around Westminster have not only left an indelible mark but also ignited a powerful spirit of respect, kindness and compassion within our communities. 

Vicki's influence is nothing short of transformative, directly enhancing the lives of countless animals and offering invaluable support to pet owners. Her visionary creation of a discounted dog monitoring system for Westminster City Council residents not only ensures the safety and happiness of pets but also serves as a shining example of innovation in times of crisis, particularly amidst the pressing challenges of the cost of living crisis. 

Collaborating seamlessly with the RSPCA, the Metropolitan Police, neighbouring local authorities, and various teams within the council, Vicki embodies the true essence of commitment and collaboration. Her inspiring dedication reaches beyond the realm of animal welfare; it extends to supporting the most vulnerable members of our society. 

In Vicki Bannon, we find not just an advocate for animals but a source of inspiration - a living testament to the remarkable impact one individual can make when fueled by passion, dedication, and a profound sense of responsibility. Her story encourages us all to be catalysts for positive change, reminding us that each small act of kindness has the potential to create a ripple effect, transforming our world and inspiring respect, kindness and compassion towards animals

Receiving the RSPCA Special Recognition Award has been a truly inspiring journey, showcasing the positive impact we can make in animal welfare. I encourage others to join PawPrints, where innovation and compassion are celebrated. Your unique efforts can create a ripple effect, transforming our communities and uplifting the lives of both animals and their owners. Together, let's be catalysts for positive change and build a future filled with respect, kindness and compassion towards animals and humans alike. Your contribution matters, and PawPrints is the platform to make it shine!

Vicki Bannon (Animal Welfare Officer), Westminster City Council


Wiltshire Council Dog Wardens

Wiltshire Council's Dog Wardens secured the prestigious RSPCA Innovator in Animal Welfare Award, celebrating their trailblazing spirit and commitment to animal welfare. In 2021, they unveiled their Volunteer Dog Walker Scheme, a beacon of innovation aimed at supporting individuals returning to the workplace post-pandemic by connecting them with skilled individuals to care for and exercise their canine companions. 

This groundbreaking initiative sets high standards for prospective Dog Walker volunteers, demanding not just a passion for pets but also the possession of proper insurance, suitable transportation, and adherence to a stringent code of conduct. This ensures not only the safety and happiness of the dogs but also contributes to the broader public's well-being. In a country where dog walking flies under the licensing radar, Wiltshire Council's Dog Wardens proactivley identified a community need and responded with a scheme that offers not just reassurance to pet owners but actively champions and enhances the welfare of our furry friends. 

The Dog Walker Scheme by Wiltshire Council stands as an inspiring testament to what's possible when communities innovate to meet the evolving needs of animals and pet owners. Beyond mere legal obligations, this initiative exemplifies the spirit of going the extra mile to protect, promote and enhance animal welfare. It's a small investment for the Council but represents a monumental leap towards creating a more compassionate and caring community for both animals and their devoted owners.