2024 General Election

This year is the RSPCA's 200th birthday - and the positive change introduced for animals over those two centuries has been seismic. While the UK was once a global leader in animal welfare, there's concern we're falling behind - and pets, farm animals, wildlife and animals in science could all pay the price. Yet prioritising the welfare of animals is not only the right thing to do, but it also has huge public support.  

That's why we believe UK political parties must use the next general election as an opportunity to be ambitious and innovative - proposing solutions that will genuinely make our animal-loving country an even kinder place; and recognise the incredible role animals play in all of our lives. 

Our Manifesto Asks

  • The Government to Commit to a Phase Out of the Use of Animals in Experiments
  • A High Welfare Food Strategy 
  • The UK's Animals Protected in Trade Agreements 
  • Protect Wild Animals
  • Licensing of Animal Sanctuaries, Rehoming and Rescue Centres
  • Restrict the Use of Fireworks in England 
  • Improve the Welfare of Animals when Slaughtered 
  • Strengthen Dog Breeding Laws, Reform the Dangerous Dogs Act and End Greyhound Racing
  • Animal Welfare Taught in Schools