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Learn more about participating in the PawPrints scheme and seize the opportunity to showcase your dedication and ingenuity, both individually and as an organisation, in protecting, promoting and enhancing animal welfare.

The day has finally arrived – the 2024 PawPrints Awards scheme is officially open for submissions!

It's time to shine a spotlight on those dedicated to creating a world where every kind is respected and treated with kindness and compassion. Whether you're an individual, team, or organisation, your efforts in improving, protecting and enhancing animal welfare deserve recognition. Submit your entry from today (29th April 2024) and join us in celebrating thsoe who make a difference in the lives of animals everywhere. Together, let's make a meaningful impact and create a better world for every kind.

Explore the entry process today and discover our brand-new PawPrints Entry Toolkit, designed to assist and guide you seamlessly through the entry process. Please remember to check out the 2024 Judginh Criteria and ensure your submission is aligned, as well as the terms and conditions of entry. Both can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Mark Your Calendars: Key Dates for 2024

Entries open: 29 April 2024 - The regular entry period officially begins, allowing individuals and organisations to submit entries.

Early Bird Entry Deadline: 30 June 2024 - To qualify for early bird, entrants must submit all supporting documentation before this deadline to be considered eligible.

Regular Entry Deadline: 28 July 2024 - The standard deadline for submitting entries. Ensure all necessary materials are submitted by this date to be considered for the awards.

Winners Announcement: 26 August 2024 - The list of awardees in each category is publicly announced.

Ticket Sales Open: 2 September 2024 - Tickets for the awards ceremony become available for purchase and the date is confirmed.

Ticket Sales Close: 29 September 2024 - Tickets for the awards ceremony are no longer available for purchase.

Awards Ceremony: October/November 2024 - The special event where winners are announced and achievements are celebrated.

How to enter

Still unsure how to enter the PawPrints awards and what it means for you? Check out our simple step-by-step guide below!

1. Discover Award Opportunities

Explore five main PawPrints categories and three special awards: Special Recognition AwardInnovator in Animal Welfare Award, and the new Massingham Advocacy Award, all recognising excellence in various aspects of animal welfare. 

2. Understand the Criteria and Eligibility

Review your chosen award category's criteria and eligibility. Ensure your policies, practices, procedures, initiatives and achievements align with the guidelines. Read the entry terms and conditions at the bottom of this page.

3. Gather Supporting Materials

Collect materials to showcase your work effectively. This may include policy documents, project summaries, testimonials, images, or videos illustrating how you meet the criteria and underscore the positive impact of your contributions. 

4. Access and Complete the Online Entry Portal

Visit our online entry portal; no account creation is necessary for PawPrints entries. For those unfortunate few facing technical challenges, a manual entry form can be downloaded from the bottom of this webpage. Submit the completed form via email to Lee Gingell at

5. Select your Award Category(s)

Select the award category(s) that aligns best with your work and achievements. Review the category(s) description and criteria to ensure alignment. Feel free - and we encourage it - to enter more than one category.

6. Prepare and Send Your Submission(s)

Prepare and compile all supporting documents, then send them via email to Lee Gingell at Include everything essential for the judges to understand your work and meet the criteria. Maintain a concise and clear submission, explicitly highlighting where your entry aligns with the specified criteria. 

7. Review Your Entry

Take a moment to review your entire entry before submission. Ensure accuracy, clarity and completeness.

8. Submit Your Entry

Email your completed and reviewed submission to Lee Gingell at Expect a confirmation email within three working days to verify your submission. 

9. Await Results

Following your submission, patiently await the awarding process. We may reach out for additional information before confirming your award. Keep an eye out and stay tuned for updates!

10. Attend Awards Ceremony

Get ready to attend the awards ceremony and networking reception upon winning a PawPrints award. Further details about the ceremony will be shared later this year. 

11. Share Your Success

Upon receiving an award, showcase your success on your platforms and in the media. Leverage the generated publicity to emphasise your commitment to protecting, promoting and enhancing animal welfare.