Primates as Pets

We believe primate ownership in a domestic setting is cruel and dangerous, and are calling for the Welsh Government to outlaw the practice. Unfortunately, the Welsh Government has - as of yet - not been minded to support such a ban

RSPCA polling found 72 percent in Wales support a ban of the keeping of all primates as pets. However, presently, keeping a primate in a domestic setting is entirely legal in Wales - and estimates suggest approximately 120 are kept as pets in Wales..

We believe the keeping of these intelligent, sociable and complex animals in a household environment is incompatible with the primates' wild nature and that their needs cannot be adequately met in a domestic setting, leading to the primate suffering and their welfare compromised.

In December 2020, the UK Government launched a consultation seeking views on whether to ban the practice of primates being kept as pets in England. With this issue devolved, concerns have risen regarding Wales becoming a sanctuary for such practices but, concerningly, the Welsh Government has continued to suggest it will not bring forward a ban in Wales. The RSPCA continues to call on the Welsh Government to implement a ban on the practice of keeping primates as pets, either through the introduction of its own law - or - if appropriate, through a consent motion on any forthcoming legislation in England.