Mandatory Labelling

Better Labels, Better Choices

There is no mandatory UK legislation covering meat labelling 

UK legislation requires the packaging of just two forms of animal products to include information on how the animal has been reared or caught: whole eggs laid by hens, and unprocessed fish such as salmon fillets.  

The lives of farm animals vary greatly. Currently, the vast majority of labels on food products don’t provide a clear description of how the animal was reared or the welfare standards applied to the animals. The introduction of mandatory labelling of food products has the potential to transform consumer behaviour and buying patterns, contributing to improved levels of animal welfare overall. This would cover the way in which they were reared (‘method of production’) and how they were slaughtered (‘method of slaughter’) such as whether they were pre-stunned or not.

Our Asks for Government

  • 1 The RSPCA would like to see mandatory Method of Production Labelling for all animal products, as well as labelling of meat from animals that have not been stunned before slaughter, ensuring consumers have the knowledge required to adequately inform purchasing decisons.
  • 2 This policy should extend to all food and drink items that contain animal products, such as processed and ingredient products as well as ‘primary’ products, and should be applied across the whole food business sector including retail and food service.