Explore the dedicated organisations generously backing the PawPrints Awards scheme. Our endorsers are impassioned organisations deeply committed to advancing animal welfare. Their generous support elevates the impact of the PawPrints Awards, acknowledging individual and organisational excellence across diverse areas of animal welfare.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all our endorsers and supporters; your collaboration is indispensable.

Together, we're shaping a world where every animal is respected, treated with kindness, and embraced with compassion. Your contributions are pivotal in fostering this vision, and we express our gratitude for making it a reality.

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Why do they support PawPrints?

Our endorsers champion the PawPrints awards for several reasons:

  1. Celebrating Excellence: They recognise the importance of acknowledging outstanding efforts in animal welfare and believe the PawPrints Awards play a vital role in inspiring others to follow suit. 
  2. Promoting Best Practices: By endorsing PawPrints, they actively contribute to promoting best practices, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in protecting, promoting and enhancing animal welfare.
  3. Inspiring Change: PawPrints Awards' endorsers are catalysts for positive change, inspiring individuals and organisations to make a lasting impact on the lives of all animals.

Keen on supporting PawPrints?

Join our passionate community by endorsing the PawPrints Awards. Your endorsement strengthens our shared voice, providing a robust platform to celebrate those devoted to animal welfare. 

Contact Lee Gingell (lee.gingell@rspca.org.uk) to explore impactful ways you can contribute to this transformative cause.

Join our endorsers in championing a future where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion. Your support matters in shaping a brighter tomorrow for animals and humans alike, everywhere.