Puppy and Kitten Smuggling

We have campaigned for many years for an end to the cruel puppy and kitten smuggling trade

Stop Puppy and Kitten Imports

Shortly after the UK-wide lockdown began in March 2020, the interest in getting a puppy skyrocketed. Suddenly, prices for specific dog breeds doubled and the UK market struggled to keep up.

With huge profits to be made, this imbalance provided ample opportunity for people acting illegally and irresponsibly to get rich, import puppies and take advantage of innocent pet buyers.

The EU Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) was designed to make it easier for pet owners to take their pets on holiday with them. This scheme has been exploited by unscrupulous traders who have used it to import puppies and kittens for sale at the huge cost of their welfare. 

Our Asks for Government

  • 1 The RSPCA is calling for the Government to introduce powers to increase the age at which puppies and kittens can be legally imported to six months
  • 2 Ban the import of dogs and cats with mutilations
  • 3 Ban the import of pregnant animals