PawPrints Awards

Local public sector bodies are vital partners in advancing animal welfare, and we highly value working together with you. Our PawPrints awards offer a unique opportunity for recognition of impactful work and inspiring reflection on animal welfare services. Your participation encourages decision-makers at all levels to recognise and value your indispensable role in protecting animals.

Our mission

We want to identify and champion local public sector organisations and individuals who deliver exceptional animal welfare services and implement innovative initiatives that protect, promote and enhance animal welfare. Through celebration and promotion, we aim to inspire others by showcasing practices that exemplify compassion, kindness and respect for all animals. 

Together, we can achieve more for animal welfare. Join us in the PawPrints scheme, integral to our mission for a world where every animal is respected and treated with kindness and compassion. Your involvement will amplify our impact, forging a brighter future for animals in all our communities.

Chris Sherwood, RSPCA Chief Executive

About the scheme

The PawPrints Awards, established in 2008, mark a groundbreaking and distinctive initiative. They're not just awards; they're a celebration of the extraordinary strides made in animal welfare by local public sector bodies in England and Wales. PawPrints stands as a beacon, acknowledging and cheering on those organisations and their staff that pour their hearts into protecting, promoting and enhancing animal welfare. 

PawPrints isn't just about meeting standards; it's a call to inspire other local public sector bodies to reach beyond legal minimums. It's the gold standard of recognition for those dedicated to creating a haven for animals. It isn't just about a pat on the back; it's about showcasing and honouring outstanding practices and initiatives across diverse categories. PawPrints is a catalyst for change, aiming not only to applaud excellence but to ignite positive transformations in the expansive landscape of animal welfare. 

PawPrints has grown into a vibrant platform, urging collaboration, community engagement and advocacy. It's not just a stage; it's a community where public sector bodies shine a spotlight on their achievements, contributing to a collective network of organisations and individuals who share a vision - a vision of a future where every animal is respected and treated with kindness and compassion.

As the PawPrints Awards continue to grow and evolve, they stand tall as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the RSPCA and its partners. It's not just about legalities; it's about creating a world where animals aren't just protected; they're cherished, cared for, and celebrated by the very communities they are a part of.

PawPrints embodies inclusivity and engagement, extending an open invitation to all public sector bodies to work together in building a future filled with compassion and kindness for animals.

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