End Cages for Farm Animals

Every year across the UK, millions of farmed animals are kept in cages. They're unable to express their natural behaviours and experience unimaginable suffering. These inhumane systems cannot be the future of British farming.

During their lives many of the animals won't see daylight, or the freedom to move properly. Their cramped, often dirty, cages leave them little room to move, to spread their wings and stretch their legs.

Laying Hens

In the UK, ‘enriched cages’ are still permitted, housing around 10 million egg-laying hens. Enriched cages provide just 9% more usable space per bird than conventional battery cages. They provide a small amount of space per bird, about the size of a single sheet of A4 paper per bird.


It's heartbreaking that about 6 million pigs reared for slaughter are born in farrowing crates each year.

Pig farrowing crates are barred, often barren, metal crates within a pen. Pregnant pigs go in these crates one week before giving birth. In the time spent there, farrowing crates only let pigs to stand up and lie down. They stop pigs from turning around or walking, and can only move forwards or back a small amount.

Over 200,000 pregnant pigs (60%) go in farrowing crates before they give birth. They'll remain there the entire time whilst nursing their piglets. With multiple litters a year, pigs spend 10-15 weeks a year in these crates.

Our Asks for Government 

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    Bring forward a consultation for the use of cages and close confinement systems in England